Manga Review: Kuroko no Basuke Chapter 239


******Contains spoilers!******


And on that fateful day, Akashi found a replacement for Kuroko who was like Kuroko

Mayuzumi and Kuroko are so similar! It was nice that we got to see the birth of the new phantom player, and how it was quite similar to Kuroko’s. But, man… That chapter name, “You’ve Caught My Fancy”, I’m pretty sure this means that Akashi needed to replace a hole in his heart left by Kuroko   actually I have to think about that.

"I kind of really like myself" I have no words for this.

“I kind of really like myself” I have no words for this.

Mayuzumi defends his light novel.

Mayuzumi defends his light novel.

We learn more about Mayuzumi’s personality. I personally find him somewhat cocky, and very straightforward. His straightforward-ness, reminds me a lot of Kurko, especially early in the series. Maybe I got used to it, so Kuroko doesn’t seem straightforward to me now. But then he is reading a light novel, which Akashi pretty much says it’s stupids, and he confronts Akashi commenting on how judgmental the Emperor is. Wait… Does that mean I’m immune to Kuroko? *jokes* Reading the second half of the chapter, he seems quite arrogant to Seirin. Mayuzumi seems as though he isn’t fond of his teammates.  He says about Nebuya, “… this fellow is a snob… The instant I became a regular, he went through a complete change of attitude.” Not the most friendly guy on the court currently, if I must say, coughcoughIshipMayuKurostillcough. At the end of the chapter, he looks smug as he turns to Kuroko, thinking like “Oh did you see that? *sparkle* Someone like you can’t beat me…” My gosh, he has the

tumblr_inline_mwlh4kQNDI1rc7p1wKiseki’s attitudes like in their 3rd year of middle school. Or something close to it.




But wait! Cue the intense stare, and BAM! Phantom eye contact. Mayuzumi should watch out now. Kuroko’s hobby is human observation, bro. He realizes that he isn’t just watching Mayuzumi, but observing him. Maybe he likes being noticed by Kuroko 

Phantom staredown.

Phantom staredown.

Oh no, our Seirin’s number 12, Furihata,  enters the game, and guards Akashi. I wonder what Seirin is thinking (Poor Furihata, shaking like a leaf in front of the emperor). I shall cheer him on and give him my confidence! At least, our boy Furihata gets another chance to shine! Do I hear some cheers? I think so *haha*


Predictions – Hmm, I believe that Mayuzumi serves as Kuroko’s phantom “rebirth”. So, he helps Kuroko take down his past playing style/phantom and create a new, scary one! God knows what Kuroko has up his sleeves, but he probably has an ultimate super secret playing style. I mean, the only thing I can think of is if he were to play normally, but alas I believe he has some more tricks somewhere.

And Akashi's team's reactions

And Akashi’s team’s reactions

I’m terribly sorry, if you don’t know, for some reason I ship everyone with Kuroko, I swear. It’s bad, lol. I’ll apologize for my fangirl shipping heart. But here, have some funny things I found on Tumblr!

We moustache beat you.

We moustache beat you.

Doesn’t someone’s moustache look quite fitting?

tumblr_mwlea5VARU1skwipno1_500 tumblr_mwlea5VARU1skwipno2_400

I give credit to the Tumblr user that made this. (Source:


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